Tuesday, May 10, 2011

#3. Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks

I am so happy to find out that the novel Safe Haven, written by my favorite Nicholas Sparks might be coming to theaters. I just finished this amazing book last night and have to admit was very surprised by the direction he took with this novel. This story was unlike any story he has written so far, but the emotion and amount of details painting each scene perfectly was still in the quality of his work.

This story was about a woman who finds herself in an almost unforgiveable circumstance who has to fight her way to a life she never thought she'd have. Without spoiling all the details in true Nicholas Sparks fashion it's a romance, however, this particular story was more about a woman starting over and trusting love, life, and luck all at the same time. Just when she thinks she's gotten far enough away from her husband, he finds her with a new identity and a family he never intended on giving her. She finds herself fighting back against her abuser to protect the only family she's ever known.

As always I found myself having trouble staying focused at the beginning of the book. For some reason Mr. Sparks likes to take his time leading up to the good stuff but as promised, he delivered BIG TIME! When you get to the second-to-last chapter I sat there reading with anticipation wanting to skip paragraphs and details just so I could get to the ending because it was just that good. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Such is life:
Don't judge the book by the cover and give everything a chance to meet your expectations!

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  1. Where did you get that photo of the cover? That is a composite shots...two completely different shots from different scenes in different shows photoshopped together...here and here: http://www.imdb.com/media/rm4010901760/nm0502342